Carlos Ramirez-Rosa is a lifelong Chicagoan who has served as our Alderman since May 2015. Carlos has been one of the most outspoken progressive leaders in the city and has stood up to Rahm Emanuel, City Council leadership, and special interests to address community concerns from economic policy to police reform.

Carlos has:

Carlos supports:

  • increasing the minimum wage to $15-an-hour,
  • passing legislation to stabilize rents and make sure people can afford to stay in the community,
  • addressing public safety by enacting strong police reform legislation and investing in education, job training, and mental health services.

Working with grassroots community organizations from across Chicago, Carlos has put forward a bold progressive vision that will:

  • tax the rich,
  • fully fund our public schools,
  • address public safety,
  • strengthen protections for immigrants,
  • make sure people can afford to stay in their homes,
  • and end regressive taxation.

Read the entire platform "A Progressive Platform to Take Back Chicago in 2018" by clicking here.

With the departure of Mayor Emanuel, and with Carlos' continued role as one of our city's most outspoken progressive leaders, we now have an opportunity to move forward this bold progressive vision that will ensure we have a City Hall that works for the many, not just a rich and powerful few.