Dear Neighbor:

It’s an honor to represent you and our neighborhoods of Albany Park, Avondale, Hermosa, Irving Park, and Logan Square on the Chicago City Council. I’m running for reelection because I love serving as our Alderman, and I’m proud of all that we’ve accomplished together this term.

With the support of active community members, local small businesses, and neighborhood organizations, we’ve passed more than 541 ordinances, including major legislation that’s delivered $20 million in property tax relief for working class families, protected immigrant communities from abuse, and affirmed the equal rights of all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

At the local level, we have responded to nearly 25,000 local issues dealing with potholes, streetlight repair, rodent abatement, and graffiti removal; and together, we've brought major improvements to every part of our ward - a new playground in Hermosa, a new library in Irving Park, a new boutique hotel with $17 an hour jobs in Logan Square, a multi-family affordable housing development in Albany Park, and a new Belmont Blue Line train station in Avondale, just to name a few.

Through our ward’s Community-Driven Zoning and Development process and Participatory Budgeting program we’ve put local zoning and budgetary decisions in the hands of ward residents, and are leading the way in inclusive, transparent, and democratic local decision making - our community zoning process now serves as a model other communities are seeking to emulate to ensure local residents, not deep-pocketed and connected developers, are driving the decisions that will impact Chicago for generations to come.

As our Alderman, I’m proud to have been one of the most outspoken progressive leaders in the city and, when necessary, to have stood up to Mayor Emanuel, City Council leadership, and special interests to address community concerns from economic policy to police reform. We know well that far too many Aldermen have been rubber stamps for the Mayor’s agenda. I’m proud to say that I, along with some of my colleagues and community leaders, have been publicly critical of an approach that has prioritized downtown development and corporate interests, at the expense of the rest of Chicagoans. I believe it’s important to be bold and speak the truth about the direction of our city - because principled bold leadership is more important than being personally rewarded for being a rubber stamp to City Hall’s broken status quo. And I know that our continued vigilance has had a great impact.

I’m so proud that our approach to both ward and city level issues has earned us the endorsements of progressive organizations such as the Chicago Teachers Union and United Neighbors of the 35th Ward, organizations on the front lines of our movements for economic and social justice. However, it’s also won me opposition from Mayor Emanuel’s donors and some of the biggest landlords and developers who are displacing families from our ward. While I find it reassuring that our work has been impactful enough that they care so much about unseating me in this election, your support is now more important than ever.

Together, we can continue to make sure that every local concern is addressed as efficiently as possible, and work to increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, pass legislation to stabilize rents and make sure people can afford to stay in the community, and address public safety by passing strong police reform legislation and investing in education, job training, and mental health services.

I thank you for all the support you have shown in the past, and I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Finally, please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me directly. I can always be reached at carlos[at]

Warm regards,

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
Alderman, Thirty-Fifth Ward
City of Chicago