After 24 years of service, Congressman Luis Gutierrez will not seek re-election. Congressman Gutierrez is a principled progressive, who has fought tirelessly for the 4th Congressional District’s working families; and I am proud to have fought alongside him as one of his former congressional staffers.

I have heard from so many supporters in the 4th District asking me to run for Congress. I am humbled by their encouragement to seek the Democratic nomination. I am proud that together, in just a few days, we collected thousands of signatures to get on the ballot.

I am running for Congress to bring bold progressive leadership to DC and take our fight for working families to President Trump’s doorstep.  As your Congressman, I will vigorously oppose President Trump’s regime, and fight for the progressive policies that will uplift the 4th District’s working families, including medicare for all, free college tuition, stopping deportations, and a $15 living wage. 

Electing our movement to Congress is going to be a big undertaking. Will you help us clear the next hurdle in this race by making a contribution or signing up to volunteer? Our movement is powered by regular people like you, not the billionaire class, and together, we're going to win. 

I look forward to a spirited primary campaign involving candidates for whom I have enormous respect, and I look forward to the voters making a decision on March 20th.

Warm regards,


Carlos Ramirez-Rosa