April 26, 2018

Friends and supporters:

This May 19 let's remember the Haymarket Martyrs and come together as progressives, leftists, change agents, and Chicagoans for a (belated) May Day celebration (hey, it's never too late to celebrate International Workers' Day!), as we raise funds to support my re-election to the Chicago City Council.

We'll honor activists in Chicago's labor movement, and move to the sounds of LESTER REY, LA SPACER, CQQCHIFRUIT (and more musical acts to be announced)!

The Chicago municipal election is less than one year away and I hope I can count on your financial support to ensure our campaign has the necessary funds to take on any challenge presented by City Hall's establishment and their big developer and corporate friends.

Individual tickets are only $20 and include a beer and wine open bar, and light hors d'oeuvres. Support my re-election by purchasing your ticket today: www.carlosrosa.org/may19.

If you're able to donate more, host levels are also available: Chair - $5,000, Secretary-Treasurer - $2,500, Steward - $1,000, Comrade - $500, and Fellow Traveler - $250.

Our May 19 fundraiser will be a lively event at the Chicago Teacher Union Center, a political fundraiser like no other with live musical acts, a party to truly celebrate Chicago's progressive and leftist grassroots.

I hope you'll join me as we party with a purpose!

In solidarity,


P.S. - Please take a moment to invite your friends to the party by inviting them on Facebook: click here for the Facebook event page.