EXTRA NEWS: Reclaim Chicago endorses aldermanic candidates

Reclaim Chicago, a coalition of the People’s Lobby and National Nurses United, are endorsing candidates in 13 aldermanic races. About 300 people attended the Saturday morning event at the National Letter Carriers Association, 3850 S. Wabash.

“Housing is a human right. It’s not a privilege,” said Byron Sigcho. He’s running against Ald. Danny Solis in the 25th Ward. Solis has been in office since former Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed him in 1996.

“Together, we will reclaim Chicago so that our children have the opportunity to defeat inequality…Sí, se puede,” said Sigcho.

Reclaim Chicago’s slate of candidates say they endorse an elected school board and oppose charter schools and school privatization, oppose corporate lobbying and “big-money” campaign donations influencing elections, and support an increase to the minimum wage as well as a graduated income tax that is proportional to a household’s income.

“For too long, our politicians have put corporate greed before our neighborhood’s needs,” said Carlos Rosa, candidate for alderman in the 35th Ward. He’s going up against Ald. Rey Colon, who’s been in office since 2003.

“Reclaim Chicago is intent on electing a ‘People’s City Council,’” said David Hatch, executive director of The People’s Lobby. “Making these races about the needs and struggles of everyday Chicagoans.”

After the rally, many candidates went out with supporters for a last push for nomination signatures before Monday, the first day to file candidate nominations with the Board of Election Commissioners.

“This is encouraging,” said 45th Ward Ald. John Arena, regarding Saturday’s turnout of supporters. Running for re-election, he’s also received Reclaim Chicago’s endorsement. “Just a lot of great energy and a great room,” he said.

Reclaim Chicago announced the endorsement of the following candidates in next year’s Feb. 24 election:

6th Ward, Roderick T. Sawyer

7th Ward, LaShonda “Shonnie” Curry

8th Ward, Tara Baldridge

9th Ward, Michael LaFargue

11th Ward, Maureen Sullivan

25th Ward, Byron Sigcho

26th Ward, Juanita Irizarry

32nd Ward, Scott Waguespack

33rd Ward, Tim Meegan

35th Ward, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

38th Ward, Nicholas Sposato

40th Ward, Dianne Daleiden

45th Ward, John Arena

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