I was elected four years ago with 67% of the vote with the support of a grassroots movement, and a commitment to take on the rich and powerful special interests at City Hall and put our neighborhoods and working families first.

Together, our movement opposed Mayor Emanuel's massive property tax increase and won $20 million in property tax relief for our most vulnerable families.

Together, we changed City code to ensure our trans sisters and brothers and friends could use the restroom facility of their choice, and that our immigrant sisters and brothers and friends are protected from abuse or coercion for their perceived immigration or nationality status.

Together, we organized coalitions and united neighbors to bring improvements to every part of our ward - a new playground in Hermosa, a new permanent library with senior citizen affordable housing in Irving Park, a new Belmont Blue Line stop in Avondale, a new multi-family affordable housing development in Albany Park, and new development, like a boutique hotel with $17 an hour jobs in Logan Square. And together, we put local zoning and budgetary decisions in the hands of the people of the 35th Ward, and are leading the way in equitable, inclusive, and transparent local decision making.

But perhaps most importantly, our greatest accomplishment is that together, we spoke boldly for change in Chicago, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is out.

We are on the verge of transformational change in our city - we now have an opportunity to pass legislation and implement reforms that were blocked by an administration deaf to our concerns.

I am running for re-election because of everything we have accomplished, and everything we will accomplish. In my second term I will continue to be a strong, independent, and bold voice for our working families, just as I have been in my first. And together, with your support, the 35th Ward will continue to be a leader in our citywide movement to win a government that is truly of
by and for the people, a government that works for the many, not a rich and powerful few. 


  • Free the Funds and Tax the Rich. Fund our public schools, pensions, mental health clinics and city services by taxing the rich and ending handouts to corporations. This means eliminating Tax Increment Finance districts that benefit the wealthy while reinstating the corporate head tax and instituting a downtown commercial rent tax. We also need to make our money work for us, not Wall Street bankers, by creating a publicly-owned Bank of Chicago with the $80 billion in assets and pension funds controlled by the city and sister agencies.
  • No Cop Academy. Keep our communities safe and help end gun violence, not by spending $95 million on a new facility for the police—as Emanuel has proposed—but by investing in jobs, education, after-school programs and mental health services.
  • ERSB Now and No More Charters. Finally reinstitute an elected, representative school board (ERSB) for Chicago Public Schools, and put a moratorium on the construction of new charter schools.
  • CPAC Now. End racist policing and institute real police accountability through an all elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) empowered to hold officers to account and democratically decide how our communities are policed.
  • Lift The Ban and Just Cause For Eviction. Lift the ban on rent control in Chicago to reign in skyrocketing rents and pass just cause for evictions to stop the displacement of Black, Brown and working-class Chicagoans of all backgrounds from rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.
  • Erase The Database and Abolish ICE. Eliminate Chicago’s unconstitutional “gang database” that is arbitrary, overly inclusive, riddled with false information and serves as a list of Black and Brown people who will be targeted for incarceration and deportation. Remove the carve-outs from Chicago’s Welcoming City Ordinance that allow the city to work with ICE to deport undocumented immigrants.
  • Homes For All. Preserve and expand affordable housing across all Chicago neighborhoods by bringing oversight and transparency to the Chicago Housing Authority and require CHA to maintain public housing units on a one-for-one basis in future redevelopments.
  • Environmental Justice Reform. Reclassify zoning in Chicago’s Black, Brown and working-class neighborhoods that are disproportionately subject to environmental hazards and polluters in order to protect residents’ health.  
  • Water For All. Address lead contamination in Chicago’s water, prevent the privatization of our water system, and make water truly affordable for all Chicagoans.
  • Fight For 15 and a Union. Immediately implement a $15 minimum wage for Chicago, pass the Fair Workweek Ordinance to provide workers with stability in scheduling, and create a Chicago Office of Labor Standards to protect workers’ rights.